Welcome MDOT Agencies and Local Units of Government. This site is your resource for all open Hoekstra bus contracts as well as a source for links to the documents and forms required in completing your bus purchases. Remember that we are always just a phone call or email away so please don't hesitate to call if you need a helping hand. Thank you once again for your continued business and friendship. Steve Bolin - Commercial Products Manager Hoekstra Transportation, Inc. Mobile 616.299.5170


Open Contracts

AeroLite - Light Duty Contract for 11 passenger non-lift bus & 5+2 lift bus with alternate seating.

Click Here to download the Light Duty Bus Order Form.

AeroTech - Small Bus Contract for 18 & 22 Passenger non-lift buses & lift buses with alternate seating.

Click Here to download the Small Bus Order Form.

2012-15 AeroElite - Medium Duty Contract for non-lift & lift buses. GAS & DIESEL OPTIONS (27, 29 & 32 foot versions available).

Click Here to download the Medium Duty Bus Order Form.